• FlixFling Intro Video

    FlixFling Animation from Vincent Bilotta on Vimeo.

    This is an animation I created for the company FlixFling. I was supplied with Photoshop files of the characters and backgrounds. It was my job to bring those assets to life using After Effects and Photoshop.

  • Kayla-Gossip Music Video

    Gossip was a tedious, but rewarding, project. A lot of compositing and effects were needed to get this video to it’s full potential. Almost all of the effects work was done using After Effects.

  • Schoolly D-Family Affair

    Family affair is a music video I cut while working with Invincible Pictures. Schoolly D wanted the video to have a “dated” feel, I tried to achieve this look using film scratches and various color correction techniques.

  • The Crimson Mask Trailer

    This is a trailer that I created when contracted with Invincible Pictures. The Crimson Mask is an award-winning independent feature film starring Robert Clohessy.

  • Converse Inc.

    Geoffrey Tron from Vincent Bilotta on Vimeo.

    Converse Inc. commissioned me to do this video for the Geoffrey Tron Screen, a dual sided ad display, in Times Square. The video dimension are arranged so the top half displays on the north face of the screen and the bottom half displays on the south face of the screen. Due to the unique size and specifications, most of this piece was done in After Effects.

  • Two Guys On Beer

    TGOB Philly Beer Week Trailer from Vincent Bilotta on Vimeo.

    Two Guys On Beer is a beer review web show operating out of Philadelphia. For Philly Beer Week 2009, Dave and Johnny hit the town and attended many of the beer events taking place in and around the city. I shot, directed and edited this trailer to showcase the highlights of their Philly Beer Week experience.

  • Music Choice-Rock Show Teaser

    Music Choice expanded to include an On-Demand television program called “Rock Show”. This was a teaser I assembled and edited for the show featuring Linkin Park and Jay Z.

  • Music Choice-Da Corner Teaser

    “Da Corner” is another Music Choice show available On-Demand. I was given the task to make the teaser for that month’s feature artists DaBackWudz.

  • NFL Films-Immaculate Reception Piece

    While working as an intern for NFL Films, I wrote, edited, and produced this short film entitled “Immaculate Reception” to be used for the NFL Network.